How to organize a trial for the Eternal Week-End? 15 Dec 2016 News by: Guillaume

We are very glad to announce the possibility of organizing trials for the first Eternal Week-End in Europe, which will be hosted by Bazaar of Moxen from the 31st March to the 2nd April 2017 in Paris.

This article will guide you through the steps to follow to organize one or more of these trials :



What is a BOM Trial?


A Trial is a Magic tournament where the winner(s) are granted byes (free wins) at the start of a tournament of greater importance.
The Eternal Week-End is a « WPN Premium Series ». Like GPs, these tournaments allow the organisation of a Trials system.

For ETW 2017, we grant for each organised trial : Two (2) byes to the winner 


What are the benefits for a shop/organizer to host a trial?


Hosting a trial for ETW 2017 offers several benefits for organizers :

  • Meeting the expectations of your competitive players who want to attend the ETW with maximum chances of winning.
  • Attracting players from outside your local player community.
  • Offering additional rewards (the byes) to one of your events, without any additional cost!
  • Information about your event will be relayed on

→ Hosting a BOM Trial doesn't cost you anything but filling two Google Forms. In return, it will give satisfaction to your customers, attract new players and it will allow you to offer better prizes to your player community.




What are the requirements to host a ETW Trial?


Trials can only be organized by WPN stores or by Independent Organizers affiliated to a WPN store.
Considering the importance of having byes in a given tournament, ETW trials are serious tournaments that MUST be run by a Certified Magic Judge (level 1 or higher) as Head judge. The name of the judge should be entered in WER.
Just like for GP Trials, failure to comply to these requirements may result in the invalidation of your trial and cancellation of the byes.

Please note that neither the TO nor the judge may play in the Trial. If that happens, the Trial will be automatically invalidated by Wizards of the Coast and byes will be cancelled.
Note that if the TO is affiliated to a store, that store's TO can not play in the Trial either.



What are the dates and formats proposed for the BOM Trials?


The Eternal Week-End is made from two Main Events.


Legacy on 1st April 2016

Vintage on 2nd April 2016


ETW Trial sanctioning procedure:

In order to make the process for sanctioning your trials smoother for everybody, we need you to follow these steps:

Create and sanction your event using Wizards Event Reporter (WER).
Both date and format must be exact and cannot be changed afterwards.

- Fill out entirely this Google Form we have created for you.

Note that you MUST have submitted a request before filling this form.


Once the Form has been sent, we will validate your request by email, in less than a week.

We recommend that you put a link to in your announcements so that your players know what BoM is and why they definitely should try to have byes for this event.


Trials Validation


Once your trial will be validated by Wizards you will receive a notification from Bazaar of Moxen. As a general rules, all the trials will be accepted if:

- you don't have any issue with your local office,

- you are not scheduling a trial the same day as a Prerelease or a Game Day,

- you are using a sanctionned number from "Magic" category on WER. You can't use a FNM sanctionned number or a GP Trial sanctionned number.


ETW trial reporting procedure:


- Once your tournament is completed, upload it using WER. Trials MUST have been processed by Wizards of the Coast or your players will NOT be eligible to byes.


- Fill out entirely the Google Form we have created for you.