BoM 08 Paris 2013 Discount runs for two more weeks --- Wire transfers now accepted! 1 Oct 2013 News by: Kevin


Dear BoM players,


We have been made aware that some of you have experienced issues registering for BoM8 using our website.

So we have negotiated with the venue a time extension to decide whether we need to rent the additional room or not. Therefore, we are happy to let you know that the discounted price will be available for two more weeks!

We want to insist that, to be able to welcome in the best possible conditions (enough space, tables and chairs, judges, great catering, etc.), we need to have an as accurate view of the attendance as possible. Right now, the room we have accepts 900 players only, and considering the last BoMs attendance, that's very close... We don't want to deny entry, but we need to be careful with the budget.


Therefore, Online Registration for the Legacy Main Event will still be 35€ until Sunday, October 13th.

For our other events, please check our Event Schedule.


Also, to make it more convenient for you to register, we have decided to make it possible for you to pay by wire transfer. We still encourage you to pay using a credit card (much more convenient for us) but if you meet difficulties in doing so, please send an email to with your:

  • NAME
  • First Name
  • DCI Number
  • List of the tournaments you want to pay for

We will send then you our bank information and the total price so that you can make a direct wire transfer in the following 3 (three) days. Please note that this is not any kind of “pre-registration” and you will need to pay within three days to be eligible to the discount.


We hope these decisions will make the registration process much easier and we will be happy to meet you at BoM8!


Bazaar of Moxen’s staff.