Paris 2014 Grand Prix Paris: 14-16 February 2014 5 Dec 2013 News by: Kevin


Dear Legacy Players, Dear non-Legacy Players,


Welcome to Grand Prix Paris!

Bazaar of Moxen is proud to welcome you on February, 14-16 to the most beautiful city in the World. We are thrilled to announce that GP Paris will run 24/24 throughout the week-end and will feature on top of its 44,000USD-prized* Legacy Grand Prix dozens of great Side Events, even for those who cannot play Legacy.

We are still finalizing many things so as to make this week-end as awesome as possible:

  • The full Side Event schedule will be live on Dec 9th. It will feature some Historic Sealed Deck like Ravnica 1.0 or Zendikar-Worldwake, as well as a great Sealed Deck event with FOIL sets to win on Saturday morning.
  • We have negotiated a room block with special discounts if you're coming to the GP. Details will also be up on Dec, 9th.
  • Our brand new website will be live on Dec 16th and will allow you to register online for the GP at a discount price.
  • Please note that, in compliance with Wizards of the Coast new policy about GP registration, there will be no registration on Saturday morning. Registration will remain open until Friday evening.


Stay tuned and like us on Facebook to not miss anything about this great event.

If you've liked 2011's Magic Week-end Paris, we're sure you'll like our event as well!


BoM's staff.


* If there are more than 1200 players registered for the Grand Prix

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