BoM 08 Paris 2013 Special Prizes for running Dragon Commanders 17 Oct 2013 News by: Kevin


We at Bazaar of Moxen pay great attention to the spirit of the formats we organize tournaments of.

That's why we had announced a couple weeks ago we would give create a specific ranking for those those of you who would like to play our Duel Commander Events with a Legends, Invasion or Planar Chaos Dragon as their Commander.

The top 4 finishers running one of these Commanders will get a free alteration of their favourite card (not necessarily their Commander) by our Guest Artist Sandreline.

Therefore, even if you feel your deck is not quite as competitive as you'd like or if you just want to play for fun, that's another good reason to attend that awesome week-end!


Finally, if you're more keen on playing one of the new Commanders that will be released on Friday, Nov 1st, you can pre-order them on our partner Magic Bazar's website and get them at BoM8.


BoM's staff.