A bit of BOM history 26 Dec 2013 News by: Kevin

Bazaar of Moxen was born in 2008 in an attempt to resurrect Vintage, whose Golden Age tad tarnished and was slowly dying. The concept was easy: To gather the best Vintage players in Europe, we needed to offer attractive prices that would make everybody want to travel.

Since BoM offered many Moxen to win, its name became fairly easy to find and is derived from some of the most emblematic cards in Vintage: Bazaar of Baghdad and the 5 Moxen.

BoM has historically taken place in May in Annecy, a wonderful place that allows to make Magic look more like vacation.


BoM has since then evolved a lot:

  • We've added Legacy to our schedule as early as BoM3 in 2009, making BoM an Eternal week-end and not just a Vintage one.
  • From 2013's BoM7, the size of the tournaments becoming too big (11 swiss rounds before the cut to top8), we chose to run our Legacy Main Event just like a Grand Prix, with a Day 1 and a Day 2.
  • Then, for the first time, BoM8, just a couple months ago, was also held to another city, and not the least: Paris!
  • And our latest innovations so far, we have started aggregating other formats to BoM: Standard, Sealed Deck and the new-born Modern.

Meanwhile and thanks to your support, we got in touch with Wizards of the Coast and had the privilege to become a Grand Prix Tournament Organizer, and we're now extremely proud to welcome you to Paris for a GP that will last long in memories.


And because there's no point in only looking back over the shoulder, let's look at the future. BoM9 will happen from May 1st to May 4th 2014 in Annecy again!


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