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3-5 July 2015

Lille Grand Palais 1 Boulevard des Cités Unies, 59800 Lille, France

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GP Lille 2015 Live the VIP Experience 25 May 2015 News by: Kevin

Live the VIP Experience to make your Grand Prix even more enjoyable! This package includes:

  • Registration to the Grand Prix Main Event
  • Exclusive Promo FOIL Griselbrand
  • Official GP Main Event Play Mat
  • The Sleep-in Special benefits

  • 100 BoM sleeves
  • 1 BoM deck box 
  • 100 BoM points (Check what you can get with them!)
  • 1 Free Booster Draft

  • Access until Sunday evening to the VIP Lounge, a restricted-access area for your exclusive use with: 
    • A dedicated Pairing Board to double check your table
    • Dedicated tables and chairs
    • Free Water, Nespresso coffee and tea
    • Two Computers with internet connections and a printer to print your Boarding passes
    • Electric plugs to charge your cellphones/laptops
      Please note that French Voltage is 220V. Check the max Voltage allowance of your electronic items before plugging them in!




The VIP Experience package is available for only 89.99€ and to the first 100 subscribers only. Because we want you to be more than Important: Very Important!

Interested? Register Now!

GP Lille 2015 Friday Trials 21 May 2015 News by: Kevin


Fridays at a Grand Prix are the last opportunity to secure two byes. Byes aren't mandatory but they're really important to make day 2 more easily and get to play for the money.


All trials will be single-elimination and will start as soon as 32 players are registered.


All prizes will given in the form of BoM Points:

  • You will get 50 BoM points for each round you win!
  • Winner gets a bonus of 50 BoM points (for a total of 300)


Check out what you can trade BoM Points for!





The Early Bird Specials


If you're super keen on byes, you'll likely come very early. Hence we've created the Early Bird Specials:

  • Playmat guaranteed
  • Registration from 10:00 to 11:00 only
  • For 15€

 Limited to one entry per player




The Last Chance Trials

  • Sleep-in Special to the winner to wake up without an alarm and come in right for your first round!
    And if you had already bought it online, you will live our VIP Experience instead
  • Registration from 11:00 to 19:00
  • For 15€



The Final Chance Trials


These will be your very last chance to get two byes

Limited to one entry per player




Play Infinite


You came to play all day long? We've designed our Infinite Trials Package

  • For 44.99€ only, play in as many Trials as you can
    This includes up to one Early Bird and up to one Final chance Trial
  • Official Main Event Play mat guaranteed (in addition to other play mats if you come early and/or stay late)
  • If you win one of the first two Trials you take part in and don't want to play further, you'll get upgraded to live the VIP Experience

Note: This option nevertheless requires that you go to the registration station to let us know you want to play. Registering online allows you to not have to pay for each event you would like to play in!



Only available online to the first 100 subscribers



BoM's Staff.

GP Lille 2015 CONTEST token GP Lille 8 May 2015 News by: Hemgath

Imagine Name/Type/Stat of a BoMpts for GP Lille

The winner will receive a full set of GP Lilles’s Tokens and his idea will become real (and signed) thanks from one of our artist !
3 other participants will also receive a set of tokens (worth 165BoMpts)
Contest end May 15.



GP Lille 2015 Lille's Main Event play mat revealed! 24 Apr 2015 News by: Kevin

We're thrilled to reveal Grand Prix Lille's Main Event Play mat today, which is no less than the Legacy stapler Sensei's Divining Top, illustrated by Michael Sutfin, who will be one of the artists attending the GP and therefore ready to sign them!



All players registered in the Main Event will get a copy of it!


Thrilled? Book your seat now!


BoM's Team

GP Lille 2015 Welcome to Lille 22 Apr 2015 News by: Kevin

Bazaar of Moxen is proud to welcome you to the European Legacy Grand Prix of the year in one of the most connected cities in Europe.

Lille is indeed just a few kilometers away from Belgium, 90 minutes away from London with Eurostar and a short 2-hour drive from Paris, Germany and the Netherlands. Lille features its own airport (LIL) and is a short 50-mn from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG) by TGV (you can connect directly using the airport code XDB) and Brussels National airport (BRU) by Eurostar. Low-cost frequent fliers can fly to Charleroi and easily connect to Lille by bus as well!

Our venue can comfortably welcome more than 2000 players and is located in the heart of Lille, just two metro stop from the Main Train Station (Lille Europe). Because we are Bazaar of Moxen, we’ll run this GP with the spirit of BoM, featuring great Vintage and Modern events!

If you do not play Eternal or Modern, we’ll offer you awesome Sealed Deck and Duel Commander events, so that, even if you can’t participate in the Grand Prix, you will find an event that fits you.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to let BoM fans know we’re still working hard on holding BoM10 towards the end of the year!

See you in Lille!

BoM's team.

BoM Points: Win what you like! 13 Mar 2015 News by: Kevin


At GP Strasbourg, we experienced a brand new way to give out prizes. It's been really successful and we have decided to run it at all our events. The system is easy:


Instead of fixed prizes you may not be thrilled about, you will earn BoM points at ALL Side Events.
Yes, ALL Side Events: This includes Friday Trials and 8-player tournaments.


BoM Points can be converted into the boosters, singles or goodies that YOU like
Check our selection of top singles and exclusive goodies in our Prize Wall section

Points can be accumulated through the week-end
You don't need to choose a prize immediately. You can keep them throughout the whole week-end to be eligible to even better prizes.

Team with your friends
You can combine your BoM points to get better prizes.
How nice would it be that five of you share a ComicCon "Black" Planeswalkers Set?
Or that, instead of 30 individual boosters, you have a filmed brand new box of product?
Or maybe a whole case of product?


And if you have remaining BoM points at the end of the week-end, don't worry. Our prize wall will remain open until very late on Sunday evening!


Check out what's in it!


BoM's staff

Welcome to v2 4 Mar 2015 News by: Kevin

We're glad to welcome you to the new version of our website.


To make it easier to navigate between different events, we've added a list of the upcoming events in the upper left corner


So you can find more easily the information you're looking for, we have added a sub-menu bar that is specific to the event you're interested in.



GP Lyon 2015 Grand Prix Lyon 31 Jul 2014 News by: Kevin

Date: 30 October 2015 - 01 November 2015

Format: Sealed Deck


Address: CCC Lyon 50 Quai Charles de Gaulle, 69463 Lyon, France


More details to come soon.