Paris 2014 Our tournaments for non-Legacy players 14 Dec 2013 News by: Hemgath

Legacy is a great format, but it's not amongst the most accessible Magic offers.


Grand Prix are wonderful week-ends to play Magic in and we believe it would be a shame some of you feel they can't enjoy such a great event.

That's why we've carefully designed events in other formats than Legacy: Everybody should get a chance to participate in a tournament during the Grand Prix.



On Friday evening, our Foiled Again tournament allows you to win tons of promo cards.

On Saturday morning, our Bazaar of the Gods offers many sets of the latest expansion: Born of the Gods, including one FOIL.

On Saturday early afternoon, we'll hold Bazaar of Lovers, a Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck with prizes dedicated to couples. Because they're the reason Valentine's exists!

On Sunday morning, you've got an impressive choice: Sealed Deck, Team Trios, Duel Commander, Modern, Vintage.

Throughout the nights, you can get a glance at what Magic used to be, with our Historic Sealed Decks. Their formats are as great as Onslaught, Ravnica: City of Guilds, Time Spiral and an awesome Zendikar-Worldwake!


All along the week-end, you'll be able to draft draft Theros for 13€ (10€ at night), play constructed for 8€ (5€ at night), and go on for free since winners can enter another event for free.


Last, but not least, Chaos Draft that feature one Revised Booster will be available for 25€!


Don't miss this great opportunity and check out details in our Full Side Events schedule!


See you in Paris!