BoM 08 Paris 2013 80 Trials for BoM8! 9 sep 2013 News by: Kevin


We're proud to announce that we currently have 80 Trials scheduled for BoM8!

  • 46 in Legacy
  • 14 in Vintage
  • 14 in Modern
  • 6 in Sealed

We'd like to remind you that you have until Sept, 29th to register on (our partner's website) to benefit from a 10€ discount on four of our tournaments:

  • Friday's PTQ
  • Friday's Last 3-bye Trial
  • Saturday's Legacy Main Event
  • Saturday's BoM Sealed

Finally, we're glad to announce that any player who will win a BoM8 Trial after the Sept 29th deadline will be eligible to the discounted price for registering the Legacy Main Event and BoM Sealed!