BoM 08 Paris 2013 Commander packs available on site 29 oct 2013 News by: Kevin



Online registration has closed this week-end. If you did not register online, don't worry, we'll definitely be able to welcome you as we've decided to rent the other room as well.

We've had a fair number of questions about having access to the new Commander packs since they're to be released on Nov 1st. If you plan on playing one of the new Commanders (Derevi?), we will have many available. If you'd rather play some True-name Nemesis, this will work as well.
In any case, we strongy encourage you to pre-order them on out partner's website so as to secure yours.

BoM8 is just around the corner, we're working hard on finalizing the last details, so see you there on Friday morning, ready for an awesome week-end!


BoM's staff.