BoM 08 Paris 2013 Welcome to BoM in Paris! 27 jun 2013 News by: Kevin


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Welcome to BoM in Paris !

The Eighth edition of Bazaar of Moxen will take place for the first time in Paris on the 1, 2 and 3 November 2013.
As usual, we have done our best and innovated to give you the best of Magic during an exceptional week-end.


BoM in Paris!

The first innovation is without a doubt the city. We were well aware of the voices advocating for Bazaar of Moxen in a more accessible city. After careful consideration, we’ve decided that we’d go to Paris, along with its six train stations and two airports wide open on France, Europe and the World.

Crafting the budget was tough. Because we want to keep offering you the best possible prizes, we could not find anything inside Paris. Because we did not want to bring you far from this amazing city, we have chosen the city of Nanterre, ideally located next to “La Défense”, merely 10 minutes away from Paris by a direct train.
We have also thought about accommodation and have chosen a venue with several affordable hotels nearby. On top of it, we have negotiated special rates for you to make sure accommodation will not hurt.


The address of the venue is available in the Location section.


Great Magic for all players

After BoM7’s success, we’ll go on running non-Eternal events. If you don’t play Legacy or Vintage, you’ll be able to enjoy Sealed Deck, Commander and Modern, including a Sealed PTQ on Friday!
And if you do not have a constructed deck at all, we’ve scheduled one limited event each day.


Another Commander

We’re proud to have organized the first event crossing the 100-player bar during BoM7. To thank you all, we’ve chosen to organize TWO Commander events during BoM8, featuring a FOIL Future Sight Tarmogoyf as well as another FOIL Worldwake Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

Full details are available in our Events section


Slight changes for Vintage

Unfortunately, attendance at the Vintage event has decreased in the past editions. After hours of debate, we’ve decided to downgrade the prizes we guarantee on this event.
However, we already make the following promise: If Vintage’s attendance crosses 350 players again, we will immediately set BoM7’s prizes back, including the full P9 to the winner.

Full details are available in our Events section


Modern is coming

We’ve made a poll on our FB page right after BoM7, and this poll clearly showed you wanted to play Modern. Not a problem! We’ve heard you and you’ll be able to enjoy Modern on Sunday, with 20 fetchlands and 40 Shocklands to the winner, so as to have the perfect mana base for the format.

Full details are available in our Events section


Shorter Side Events

If we’re very happy to see attendance growing, we’ve also taken the measure of what too long tournaments mean to you. Meanwhile, we’ve heard compliments about our tournaments with a fix number of rounds.
We’ve therefore chosen to shorten our Side Events. The number of rounds will be determined in advance and prizes will be awarded based on individual performance rather than ranking. For instance, Friday’s Last Chance Trial will be a 7-round tournament, no matter the attendance, and all players with a 7-0 record will win a set of 10 Dual Lands as well as 3 byes for the Legacy Main Event.


Entry Fee and Online payment

This is no surprise: Paris is way more expensive than Annecy. We do not want to deny entry to a player who has come by Metro, has crossed France, Europe or an ocean, but can’t afford renting a too large room.
Since we did not want to increase the Entry Fee nor decrease prizes but need figures to rent the exact size of room, we’ve decided to open registration for four of our events (PTQ, Friday’s Last 3-bye Trial, Legacy Main Event and our BoM Sealed) online on our partner’s website

  • Until Sun, Sept, 29th, you’ll pay what you used to pay at BoM for the same tournament.
  • From Mon, Sept, 30th to Sun, Oct, 27th, Entry fee will be 5€ more expensive
  • From Mon, Oct, 28th, online registration will be closed and you’ll only be able to register on-site. Entry fees will be 10e more expensive.

Knowing how many of you will attend BoM8 one month before the event will allow us to rent a larger room and extra tables and chairs if needed (Friday, Nov 1st being bank holidays in France, this would prove difficult on site). The extra income coming from later registrations will be used to rent an extra room last minute or, if it's not needed, will be added to the prize pool in one way or another!

We can only recommend you to register and pay online: You’ll get the cheapest rate and the best experience! To register, simply click on the Registration link at the top of this page or directly on this link (You’ll be redirected to our partner’s website, this is perfectly normal).


Negotiated rates for your accomodation

We have negotiated a deal with the Hotel Campanile Nanterre-La Défense to allow you to stay for the whole duration of BoM at a very cheap price.

All details are available in our Location section.